System Policies

OHS Policy


In order to provide our most valuable resource, namely our employees, with a healthy and safe workplace, and to raise awareness of compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and the rules of the established systems, as SUPSAN OTOMOTİV PARÇALARI SAN. ve TİCARET A.Ş., we commit

  • to take preventive measures by consulting with and including in all employees, and to try to eliminate the risks of occupational accidents and diseases,
  • to create a culture supporting the system with an active leadership and responsibility
  • to actively monitor the contingency plans and implementation tools, and to keep them up-to-date,
  • to actively communicate with all shareholders on the implementations, and to take their needs into account, as well,
  • to identify the possible risks arising from machinery, behaviors and environmental conditions, and to eliminate them within a specific plan,
  • to increase the competence of our employees with continuing training and supportive programs,
  • to review the OHS targets and results, and to improve them according to continuous improvement principles,
  • to comply with all applicable OHS laws and Supsan’s OHS system, and

to adopt, implement and protect such actions with all of our employees.


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