Supsan R&D Center

We are proud of having our corporate experience and skills dating back to more than 50 years registered as a R&D Center by R.T. Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2017. Our R&D goals include providing our customers with affordable, high-efficiency, high-quality and technically superior engineering services and creating solutions with an innovative approach by following up the advancing technologies. As Supsan R&D, we are aware of the significant importance of having sustainable technologies and R&D competence in order to achieve such goals.

We provide our customers with customized solutions which are able to be applied under the most demanding conditions. We share all of our technological advantages with our customers. As Supsan R&D department, we build solution partnerships with our internal and external customers through our experienced and specialized team as well as advanced tools.

We make use of our national and international knowledge in the most accurate way so as to enable our customers to overcome the difficulties they encounter in the process of developing the valves to be used in the next generation engines.

We carry out studies intended to reach the best design through Finite Element Analyses (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and many other advanced tools. Our technical expert team develops specialized parts for our customers to be used in internal combustion engines that are redefined in terms of performance, efficiency and durability, as well as improves the performance of the existing parts.

Production and Testing Infrastructure

Preliminary/Concept Design

Creating preliminary designs of intake and exhaust valves according to the engine parameters and operating conditions.

Finite Element Analyses (FEA)

Carrying out structural analyses for valves and peripheral elements according to the operating conditions.

Creating final designs, 3D geometries and technical drawings

Selecting materials, finalizing designs and creating technical drawings according to the result of the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) studies.


Creating product prototypes before testing and controlling activities.

Testing and Validation

Carrying out bench and engine tests on created prototypes, and validating the design.

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