System Policies

Human Resources Policy

Within the framework of our Human Resources strategies, the main processes of the Human Resources personnel working in Borusan Group companies are carried out within the following policies to provide the best employee experience designed according to the differing needs.

Organizational Structure and Working Conditions
We offer our employees inclusive work environments that are human at the center, value differences, adhere to the principles of business ethics, focus on development, and support high performance. 

In Borusan Group companies, organizational structures are formed most only in line with the company's strategies, goals, and needs. With digitalization, time and space independent, efficient, productive, innovative, and digital working methods are applied. Matrix, horizontal and flexible structures, agile working teams, and different resource usage conditions (part-time work, use of overseas labor, project-based work, etc.) are also applied according to the needs.

The most correct working conditions are developed for the happiness and well-being of all employees in the working environment. Meaningful and inspiring work environment, the creation of appropriate work-life balance that promotes flexible working hours and employee needs special patterns generally the determination of well-being that is based on the physical and behavioral practices and occupational health and safety arrangements will be made. 

Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding
Our main goal is to provide the best talents that will support the Borusan Group to achieve its strategies and goals by developing innovative recruitment tools, programs and collaborations with our strong employer brand. In this context, it is essential to evaluate candidates fairly with modern recruitment processes and methods designed in line with our needs.

In the recruitment process, we set out to find the talents that will create the highest benefit. In addition to their functional suitability for the job, candidates are evaluated by giving importance to our Borusan Group values, our leadership model, and the potential to add value to the organization in different areas other than work.

The Alpha Young Talent Program is implemented centrally to bring young talents who will support the vision of the Borusan Group to the group and to train future leaders. 

Developing and Retaining Talent
Investing in identifying and developing the potential of our employees is one of the most important priorities of the Borusan Group. Fairness and objectivity are essential in Performance Management, which includes the steps of determining individual goals based on company strategies and goals and rewarding them by measuring, and all managers are responsible for ensuring these conditions in their teams.

During the Talent Management process, high-potential employees with high performance and exemplary behavior are identified in the group, and careful development investment is applied to their development. During the Talent Management process, rotation plans are designed for backups of management roles in group companies and high-potential employees.

The priority of evaluation in the management roles opened within the group is the employees of the group. In case there are no suitable candidates, external candidates are also included in the evaluation process. Every employee is subject to equal rights and management teams in the promotion process prioritize practices in the promotion process, high potential and performing employees.

Investments are made in the development of employees with Borusan Academy. Programs that feed the Corporate Culture, Leadership Development Programs, and programs aimed at the development of Functional competencies are designed and implemented by Borusan Academy. In addition, programs that will invest in Individual, Technical, and Professional Development are prepared and implemented following the needs of the company.

In addition to all these development opportunities, Borusan Group employees are expected to strive to improve themselves. 

Borusan Group Leadership Model and Development
In addition to their jobs, leaders at Borusan Group care about managing the team members they work with, their focus on cooperation and November success with other teams, and their individual awareness, and for this they develop their human, team and individual awareness management muscles. The competencies and behaviors expected from Borusan Leaders who have individual awareness, believe in the strength of their team, prioritize success together and take action today by aiming for the future are defined in detail in the Borusan Group Leadership Model.

Every employee who manages a team devotes at least 15% of his time to team management, human resources, and leadership issues. Thanks to the Leadership Development Program defined by Borusan Academy, leadership muscles are strengthened and they are trained as leaders who 'inspire' their organizations. 

Recognition, Appreciation and Total Reward Management
The Total Reward Management process includes motivational and competitive salary, benefits, and recognition appreciation practices that support high performance, and center employees' contribution to business goals and competencies.

At Borusan Group, according to an internationally valid job evaluation methodology, the job sizes of all roles are evaluated by taking into account the basic responsibility level of the role, its relative contribution to the organization, the knowledge/skills/experience and competencies required for the role.

In parallel with the job evaluation process, wage policies created by taking into account macroeconomic data, wage policies applicable in the market, the size of the company and long-term goals are determined.
Wage management is carried out following legal obligations, taking into account the size of the work of individuals, their performance, and the balance of wages within and outside the company. In wage management, the balance of fairness-objectivity within the company and the solvency of the company are taken into consideration.

In line with the expectations and needs of the employees, the content and flexibility changing according to the role and job size are defined and implemented centrally.

The performance premium system, which is a part of the total rewarding approach, aims to enable companies to achieve their goals and achieve business results above their targets, to encourage employees to perform superior by rewarding success and establish a goal-oriented performance culture. At the end of the year, the year-end performance premium is paid to the employees whose performance grades are appropriate based on individual performance results in parallel with their year-end performance and solvency.

Employee Engagement Management
At Borusan Group, it is aimed to follow the commitment of employees and to strengthen the commitment by taking into account the suggestions and expectations from employees. The main priority is to provide safe, ethical values, a business environment that takes into account the balance between work and private life, and to ensure sustainable employee Decency by creating a positive organizational climate with the right leadership styles.

For this purpose, employee engagement research is carried out regularly through independent companies and suggestions and expectations of employees are collected in this process.

The Human Resources and management teams examine Opportunity and development areas that emerge because of the Loyalty Survey, necessary actions are planned and implemented, and their developments are followed.

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