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Supsan Raises the Quality Benchmark in Turbo

The largest valve manufacturer in Turkey, Supsan creates a difference with its high-technology turbo. Suitable for different brands and models, the turbo’s durability and leakage tests have been completed and 100% quality control has been made while Supsan increases its competence in this field every day.

Supsan, a Borusan Group company, extends its experience and power to turbo manufacturing. In recent years, the company has increased its investments on turbo technology which uses the waste energy in the exhaust formed by combustion in the engine to provide high-pressure air in large volumes back to the engine. The company also focuses on increasing turbo performance and life and the products of Supsan quality create a difference in the market.

Target: Becoming the irreplaceable turbo supplier for the users

Supsan Commercial Units Manager Mert Altuğ says Supsan started to increase its activities towards turbo technology by 2014 and that they perform R&D activities with the target to become Turkey’s OEM turbo supplier. Altuğ has made the following comments regarding the turbos manufactured with Supsan quality:

“As Supsan, we continuously work to improve our turbo manufacturing, make tests on new prototypes and achieve results that exceed the performance of current designs. We continue our work to achieve the best results in turbo that consists of highly sophisticated manufacturing processes. In order to display our difference in turbo manufacturing, we need to examine the operation of this part. For example, turbo is a highly delicate part that circles in 150,000-200,000 rev/min, and the line used in greasing and vacuum should be clean, so the changing process should also be made with care in a clean environment. At this stage, the air filter, oil filter and engine oil which are directly related to turbo are all changed. With the success we achieved in the manufacturing of this delicate part that requires high care in maintenance and changing stages, we are at an important position to become the OEM turbo supplier of our country.”

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